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Makup artists Tips

Makeup artists Tip 1. Clunky Mascara

Hate when your mascara after a while becomes clunky, think and crumbly? Replace your mascara every 3 months, this will avoid inconsistency's and crumbling. To get you out of trouble drop a very little amount (a pin head) of baby oil into your mascara, give it a good shake and apply, this will get you out of trouble on a Saturday night till you can get to the shops the next day to replace it!

Makeup artists Tip 2. Stubborn Lashes

For those stubborn lashes that just won?t curl or out of position? Try heating your eyelash curler by placing the curler under a warm hair dryer, this will help them stay in the place and give you that extra bounce. Apply Mascara and done?

>Makeup artists Tip 3. Chapped Lips

Nothing worse than chapped lips!! Use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate the dead skin and then condition with a lip balm before applying lipstick / gloss. When using lipstick ensure to use a lip liner to avoid bleeding?

Makeup artists Tip 4. Longer Lasting Lips

Hate when you finally get wherever you are going, look in the mirror for a final check and notice your lipstick has faded away? Try applying your lip liner and your first coat of lipstick then blot with a tissue and powder your lips well with a translucent powder. Reapply? fixed!

Makeup artists Tip 5. Foundations

When choosing a foundation keep in mind your skin type, this is critical to ensure even and lasting coverage without looking thick and cakeish... Dry skin individuals should always opt for a liquid base foundation and Oily skin for a powder foundation. If you have Combination you can use either but for all, always apply a primer or moisturiser first to help create a flawless base?